Long term effects of dating violence

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This means that women are more likely to be murdered by an abusive partner than by anyone else.They are also at risk from serious bodily harm that can have life-long effects.It is important to remember that even though the psychological and emotional consequences of abuse cannot be physically seen, they can be equally or more harmful to your well-being.Forced social isolation is a form of abuse characterized by keeping the victim away from friends or family members who could potentially help.Even without this direct attempt to disconnect you from social contacts, abuse can interfere in other ways, as the physical and psychological consequences of abuse can make you feel unsure of yourself or awkward in social situations.Victims also commonly experience embarrassment or guilt about their situation, which can deter them from interacting with others or seeking help, according to Vera E.Bruises, broken bones and concussions are some common immediate results of physical aggression.Ongoing problems may include headaches, gynecological issues, back pain or digestive problems, according to the article “Intimate Partner Violence and Physical Health Consequences,” published by the American Medical Association.

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Physical abuse can result in temporary pain, long-term injuries and even death.Ayra Moore is a professional writer who holds a Masters of Science in forensic psychology with a specialty in mental health applications.She also obtained a Bachelor of Arts in general psychology and criminal justice from Georgia State University.While the number of children exposed to IPV remains staggering, services are available to those in need as the issue of childhood exposure to IPV becomes more visible.Not all children exposed to domestic violence are affected equally or in the same ways.

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