Muslim dating in the uk

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Although no new statistics on the issue have been released since then, imams in the UK told Al Jazeera that these figures have surged in recent years.Imam Taj Hargey of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford is an exception.According to the UK constabulary, 2,823 honour crimes were reported to the police in 2010 and an estimated 10,000 forced marriages take place in Britain every year.

If we talk of orchestrated relational unions this normally ensures that everyone is included and also the potential love birds might be prepared to meet one another and provide their sentiments assuming they are joyful to perform with all the wedding or bear on looking.Britain's diversity has spawned financially independent Muslim women who appear to be challenging their cultural and religious boundaries.Being raised in a country that promotes tolerance and acceptance of others, they do not see themselves any ‘different’ to their non-Muslim compatriots.Educated at Royal Holloway University of London and City University, she holds degrees in Media Arts and TV Current Affairs Journalism.100 free muslim dating sites A Muslim women or maybe a Muslim man may think it elusive a potential accomplice inside their everyday routine.

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