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Democratising the state: We committed ourselves to asserting a working class agenda in the programmes of the state; deepen social dialogue and participatory democracy; revise the electoral system and ensure that the Alliance drives transformation. Building the Alliance: We set criteria to assess the Alliance and guide our work in strengthening it in line with our vision.To that end, we also set ourselves the task of building the ANC, the SACP and the mass democratic movement.

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Our key weaknesses remain inadequate capacity, inconsistency and perhaps even a lack of political will t o implement key decisions of the Federation.a group of journalists visiting Malawi with the United Nations Foundation that the women demonstrated sexual positions and encouraged girls to do 'sexual cleansing,' also called kusasa fumbi, which meant they should get rid of their inexperience with sex through practice.Children play at Lipunga village in Mchinji district.How do we judge our performance in the last three years?What can be done between 20 to cement areas of success and address weaknesses? Defending our political gains and opening space in society and the Alliance for a working-class agenda. Systematic and rigorous implementation of an organisation-building programme so that COSATU has grown to four million members by the Tenth National Congress, with improved ability to serve our members, protects vulnerable workers and maintains unity and political coherence. Retention and creation of quality jobs based primarily on work around sector strategies.

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