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One of the most disappointing things is that my husband will not be able to live in Italy with me, or any other European country. Against our wishes, we have had to abandon our plans for the future, which we made before Brexit, as it is very unlikely that we will be able to live and travel freely between European countries.

– Over the course of this week, portraits from Separation will be published on British Journal of Photography.

Stuart still works in the capital and commutes to and from it every day. Stuart changed jobs so he could work on the Remain campaign in the digital creative team.

The experience of facing a majority Leave vote, after six months of working 12-hour days, was indescribable.

“As cheesy as it sounds, it was love at first sight,” says Giacomo.“We later discovered that everyone had known all along.It was the worst-kept secret.” The couple used to live in London but recently relocated to Oxford.Perhaps we were lucky, and blind to this, because we live in London, but we always thought that the richness and uniqueness of England was in part due to its multicultural society. I thought British people valued European immigrants and how they contribute to the development of the economy and society.

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