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So go ahead and reply to those emails waiting for you in your mail box!If you want to meet Russian women and don’t know where to get started, create a free profile on Russian and get started immediately.Or at least that's the only time I ever hear of it in the US.They say it happens more in other countries, but thay also say it wouldn't happen if the women had their say.But from the younger woman's point of view, what could an older man provide, and what would she be missing out on?It's not a very attractive proposition from her side. When it works out, cool, but it would be the exception to the rule.I look back at how I was at 28 and expect that given the choice between me now and then, a woman that age would choose the younger version.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

My self, I am not that old 37 this year, but I find that it is easier to connect ( have a conversation) with a woman my age or a little older, this has not always been the case, and there are exceptions, but I would be more inclined to date someone a bit older than younger. Lucky for us "older" women, this question also applies to us now. I have met a few older men and they seem to be worn out..why they would want to be with someone whose kids are finally all grown up and who wants to get out there and do things when all they want is to sit on their butts and watch TV is beyond me.

Mac Besides there are some very very fine looking women in there 30's and older My opinion on this is it depends on the two involved. We get along great, but I am assuming we are older than what the thread is asking. That marriage lasted 6 months....something to do with settling down and havin kids.... I want to do things now that I could not do as a single parent. So - if you find someone younger who is right for you - go for it. Be prepared for teh wrath of POF females on this one! OT; Yes, but the likelyhood is more outside of the USA.

Squeak**Superswede -You have to hope the workings are disabled or non existent This goes double for me......after all, I did my time. European women and fromother countries revere maturity and masculinity. ' and, of course, the usual disappointment that goes with thinking.... " would be nice to find a woman who was in her 40's or 50's that wanted to enjoy life and not have to worry about child rearing...i dated a woman who told me she had a 14 and 18 year olds..forgot to mention the 8 month old that was an opps i forgot to use the condom that night kinda child. But when he told me about the 26 year old he was seeing last summer that was a total turn off of a possible relationship for me.

I would have been over 70 when that child leaves the much golf to play for me and hopefully the next time i see a baby its a grandchild It depends on the age spread. In my mind he would be comparing me to someone almost 1/2 my age - and I know that I just don't compare and never could.

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