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I needed a new i Phone at this point, AT&T had awful customer service and high fees, and since the new phone would already be unlocked, it would save me some hassle. Flash forward again to the end of 2013, when T-Mobile announced it was giving all their users free international data and text messaging in over 140 countries — plus all calls while in those countries were 20 cents a minute. There was still no 4G/LTE service but I always had fast 3G service and was able to upload and share information quickly.This was a pretty enticing offer since I pay a lot of money a year in phone coverage. I didn’t have any dropped calls, all my texts went through, and for the most part I had a 3G connection. No dropped calls, missed text messages, or bad service.

Flash forward to the end of 2012, when Verizon announced taht their phones would come automatically unlocked for international travel.Fliers on ASKY Airlines are allowed to carry one free hand baggage with max weight of 7kg and one checked baggage with max weight of 30kg.Visit the website for details on rates and baggage restrictions.Here’s a table of international fees I pulled together from each carrier’s website so you can compare: That chart pretty lays the numbers out there. Now, historically, T-Mobile had a reputation of being a really bad service provider. A number of times while in the slightly rural areas, I only got the “E” network and had to deal with slightly slow Internet, but I always had it. I am thrilled by this, and T-Mobile — with its contract-free (and cheaper) plans, free international data, and better customer service model — now has me as a customer for a long, long time.And for a number of years, they were — but thanks to money they received after the failed merger with AT&T, they heavily invested in their network and began offering 4G and LTE speeds. (The only 4G network in Thailand is through True Move, and T-Mobile doesn’t partner with them.)When I came home in early March, I found my bill wasn’t ,000 but still the same old I was promised. I never again have to worry about buying foreign SIM cards and coverage again. I know what my phone bill is going to be every month, and I get to keep the same number worldwide.

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