Punishment of dating in islam

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Muslims who are able to marry are encouraged to do so, and they must follow the established laws of courtship.Instead of dating, Muslim couples "court" with the intention of finding a suitable spouse.Sueanne Dolentz has been writing since 1999, and holds a degree in creative and professional writing.She has worked as a newspaper content editor and humor columnist, as well as a copy writer and website content editor.The parents typically approach the other family once a suitable partner has been agreed upon.They continue to investigate the prospective match by inquiring of friends, families and coworkers about the character of the individual. Once the couple decides that they are a suitable match, they typically agree to get engaged.Unlike dating in Western culture, it is not done for recreational purposes.

Muslims say this is evidence that their take on courtship is a better alternative to dating.

The food of the People of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them.

(Lawful to you in marriage) are chaste women from the believers and chaste women from those who were given the Scripture (Jews and Christians) before your time, when you have given their due mahr (bridal money given by the husband to the wife at the time of marriage), desiring chastity (i.e., taking them in legal wedlock), not committing illegal sexual intercourse, nor taking them as girlfriends.

They may "go out" during their engagement, but only in groups.

These short engagements are normal, so the couple can effectively avoid temptation.

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