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An internationally recognized expert on paranormal research, our host Joshua P.

Warren was hired by the famous Grove Park Inn Resort to be the first person to officially investigate the Pink Lady apparition in 1995.

Plus we include Tibetan IMOs for automatic meditation. Prepare yourself for a vast and mind-boggling journey that redefines the paranormal. Paratemporal Night Vision offers military (and higher) grade 3rd generation night vision for the best deals on the market. This 4 hour program features each man speaking before a live audience in Kansas City. It can be watched instantly via online streaming, or ordered as a 2-DVD set.

Though these units, like the popular PVS-7s, are fit for any night vision enthusiast, our highly trained staff tests and hand selects pairs that are especially suitable for paranormal investigation. They break the latest on ghosts, ESP, UFOs, cryptids, conspiracies & secret societies. This is the most comprehensive paranormal presentation ever. During a night at this creepy mansion, he not only shoots the entire adventure, but also demonstrates how equipment can, and should, be used in the field.

What's it like to spend a night truly Alone in a Haunted House? Many consider this the ultimate guide for learning how to hunt ghosts in only 30 mins.

See why cameras capture things the eyes can't see, and watch what happens when he charges the air with an electrostatic gun!

An ancient history of Blue Ridge energy vortexes, combined with our secret technique, imbue this water with what some can only call a "charge." Drink it to believe it.

Lab research produced and conducted by us, regarding the formation of natural plasmas, earned the cover of the prestigious science journal, Located in Asheville, North Carolina, our desire for variety is expressed by some of our projects: We are the home of L. And if that isnt enough to get you interested, we also offer top quality night vision equipment at incredible prices. We can't promise a response to each inquiry, but we will review each one.

Our projects have garnered the attention of such successful companies as the History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, The New York Times, Simon & Schuster, Clear Channel radio, and many more, including governmental agencies. You may leave non product or service related voicemail 24 hours a day at (828) 253-7736 Born in Asheville, North Carolina, Joshua P.

If you want to host radio or be a frequent guest, learn from this! You can earn certification in Paranormal Studies, following a 6 week course of personal training with Joshua P. The Devil of Blue Mountain takes the audience on a harrowing journey, following a disturbing abductor as he drags two attractive young women through a twisted wilderness.

From paranormal radio to politics and mysticism, Talking Tall is the best documentary ever produced to explore the controversial world of talk programming. Ultimately, the abductor's salacious purpose is dark and nefarious.

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