Ranchidating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd

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It is in pristine condition so it must have sat somewhere for a long time.

After weeks of research I decided on the AMD 7114 "Beast" motor.

The problem was with heat when creeping through the woods. It runs 22-24 on 20" tires, and will spin them as much as you want up a 45% grade. 2 gauge wiring and reversing contractor will be the next upgrade by the end of the week to keep everything cool. Checked motor, stock f/r, and wires with temp gun and nothing was running hot currently.I'd think you'd be 25 mph and turn them comfortably from what I just experienced.Honesty didn't expect it to be this fast, was expecting 16-18 mph WOT, but I was presently surprised, and everything runs much cooler than the 2.97 stocker I did the same upgrade to my 96 ds series cart and could not be happier.I too turned mine into a hunting cart for night time hog hunting, like you I was very surprised to be running 20-21 mph.I needed torque and did not need to run through the woods at 20 mph at in the morning.

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