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The Have I Been Pwned database identifies accounts with information breached by major third parties like Yahoo and Linked In.With Maltego, hackers can locate breached accounts created using company email addresses, potentially giving attackers access to a company account if the employee reuses a compromised password.With the mac OS stager created and the attacker's system hosting the Empire listener, the malicious Apple Script can be created and disguised to appear as a legitimate PDF using a few Unicode and icon manipulation tricks.While hackers have taken advantage of numerous vulnerabilities in Adobe's products to deliver payloads to Windows users via PDF files, a malicious PDF file can also wreak havoc on a Mac that's using the default Preview app.This information could be used by hackers to execute elaborate social engineering attacks.Traditional subdomain enumeration techniques create a lot of noise on the target server and may alert intrusion detection systems to an attacker's intentions.In this guide, we'll take a holistic view at everything that goes into attending the con for the first time, from securing your electronics and making the most of your time to the logistics of getting there and finding the right place to stay.

While in many scenarios, a live boot or virtual environment can resolve these issues, in some situations, a full installation is better.

The conversation of which operating system is most secure, mac OS vs. Most will say mac OS is more secure, but I'd like to weigh in by showing how to backdoor a Mac Book in less than two minutes and maintain a persistent reverse shell using tools already built into mac OS.

Know thy enemy — wise words that can be applied to many different situations, including database hacking.

It is essential to performing adequate reconnaissance on a system before even thinking about launching an attack — any type of attack — and this is no different for SQL injection.

Hashes containing login passwords are transmitted between Windows computers on local Wi-Fi networks.

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