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For reasons unexplained, the judges' marks for Program Components were miss-associated with the correct components.

Since each Program Component in dance has a different weight, if you change the component a mark refers to the calculated score will change.

The judges scores here (in all events) are clearly inflated compared to ISU competition, which highlights the difficulty of attempting to train the judges in a coherent and consistent marking standard. The only really fun controversy so far is whether Michelle Kwan should get a bye onto the Olympic team, and if there should be strings attached if she does.

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Nevertheless, these small errors tend to erode confidence in the results and need to be taken seriously, even though the problems they have created thus far are minor. Novice events concluded today in the secondary arena, which is a new, very nice facility about 24 mile from the main arena.If Kwan doesn't want to do Four Continents then she can stay home and watch the Olympics on TV like the rest of us.Revised scores for yesterday's Senior Compulsory Dance came out today.The outstanding performance of the day goes to Johnny Weir, however, who trounced his competition without a quad.Those who are tempted to predict the Olympic future based on a comparison fo the scores here with scores elsewhere will be wasting their time.

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