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A crime clan behind a brutal campaign of kidnappings, violence and intimidation were yesterday jailed for a total of 29 years.The gang kept terrified workers ‘in servitude’ and savagely punished anyone who complained or tried to get away.Steven Mc Phee had also stood trial but then admitted to assaulting one worker.

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And in Larkhall, the vast majority of people proclaim themselves to be Protestant, unionist, and supporters of another Glasgow football team, Rangers.And while a local chain of Indian restaurants has a green and white livery elsewhere, in Larkhall it is blue and white. In the 1990s, the council painted them municipal green, an act which proved unpopular.In 2001, a resident painted a stretch red, white and blue, and, with the support of Karen Gillon, the local Labour MSP, the Queen's colours were retained.Between 20, 205 sets of traffic lights were smashed, costing the council nearly £17,000 to repair.There have even been claims that drunken youths have attempted to set fire to grass.

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