Sexual purity when dating after divorce

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One morning Jeremiah and I were meeting with one of our mentors in his office.

He asked how we were doing and I always knew by the smile on his face that he meant, how are you r doing?

That kind of fast was one of the best decisions we made, especially as temptations grew as the day drew closer.

I didn’t know exactly what she meant since I wasn’t there yet, but I took her wisdom to heart.

I felt like we were constantly revisiting our purity and it was frustrating, but necessary.

We were weak and needed strict boundaries and accountability.

After an incredible wedding night and a few days into our honeymoon, I quickly learned that in a similar way I had to work hard at being pure in our dating relationship, I’d now have to be committed and faithful to sexual intimacy with my husband.

It would be a life-long journey of learning, growing, and being imperfect at times.

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