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While Side M started off as a mobage or mobile game, we’re going to be focusing on the anime adaptation.

The most different aspect of Side M compared to the first i [email protected] anime or its sequel Cinderella Girls, is all of the hopeful idols are male!

You see people in different stages of being an idol; being scouted, preparing to debut, and retaining popularity.

Side M focuses on the journey of beginners Teru, Kaoru, and Tsubasa as they become .

Can his friends catch on before his self destructive habits leave lasting damage? — Hayato, quien se había acercado más al niño, preguntó, con una voz dulce y tranquila.— S-shiki, s-señor. When he was little, Daigo would practice intimidating faces just like the one on the judge’s face, when he was still six years old and the only thing he could ever see in the mirror was the heir to a family he didn’t want. With the help of Matsunaga Ryo, Shiomi Syuko, and Fujimoto Rina (Asuka’s new friends who have gone through similar life challenges) Asuka will finally learn who she is and what that means.

i [email protected] at its roots is a game where you play as a producer and help aspiring idols gain success.

You do everything from choose places to perform, clothes for your idol to wear, and who to perform with.i [email protected] started over ten years ago as an arcade game.

He fusses over his older brother but loves teaming up with him either on the field or on the stage.

Yusuke is the older twin whose knee injury forced him to give up professional soccer.

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