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supposes that it might be of some value for the science of didactics of theoretical (fundamental) physics and astrophysics and in this way indirectly for the science of theoretical (fundamental) physics and astrophysics.

It might be an example of education with a simplified explanation that is a starter on the way to real science.

The Bishkek-formulation also includes, that the effects of the c-absolute velocity of gravitational fields include infinite space for philosophical discussions about an infinite number of parallel universes.

If for of radiation from C to FIts sure that the velocity increases during some time. Before the big bang there is no outward velocity and after the big bang there is outward velocity. There is distribution of matter, velocity and increase, a distribution over time and distance. The redshift of radiation due to slowing down causes the calculations, from the observations, again to be more complex.

It can be that the 14 billion light-years we observe, originate from a big bang of a big black hole.

field equations, on the theories of Lorentz, Poincare and others.

The Bishkek-formulation could be understood by a larger number of people who are interested in the relativity and astrophysics.

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