Ssis package variables not updating

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When you execute the following in SQL Server management studio, the batch is repeated 10,000 times: This takes about 10 seconds to run on my machine.

To replicate this result in Azure SQL DB, make sure to run it from a VM in the same region as the database, since the script does perform 10,000 round trips to the server.

For example, you may have a variable declaration in a stored procedure or ad hoc batch like: Let’s look at memory-optimized table variables in action.

The following T-SQL batch creates a traditional table variable based on the above-mentioned table type, inserts two rows and then deletes them.

Installation of the Cumulative Update is similar to the installation of a Service Pack.

Cumulative Updates are not fully regression tested.* Since January 27, 2016: Microsoft recommends ongoing, proactive installation of SQL Server CUs as they become available.

), demonstrating some of the performance benefits you get by bypassing tempdb and memory-optimizing data storage and data access.And because the table has the security policy, different sessions will not see or touch each other’s data.The memory-optimized session-level temp table scenario requires a couple of features that were added in both SQL Server 2016 (RC0) and Azure SQL Database.You will see even more benefit when using memory-optimized table variables in concurrency scenarios, where you have many connections that use these table variables at the same time.To improve performance of your temp tables, replace traditional global (##SET NOCOUNT ON; GO CREATE PROCEDURE sp_temp AS BEGIN IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM objects WHERE name=N'##temp1') CREATE TABLE ##temp1 ( c1 INT NOT NULL , c2 NVARCHAR(4000) ); BEGIN TRAN DECLARE @i INT = 0; WHILE @i Execution of this procedure using a traditional ##temp table takes 0 seconds on my machine, according to Management Studio, so it’s pretty quick. Let’s execute this procedure using 100 concurrent connections, with each connection executing the procedure 1,000 times, for a total of 100,000 executions of the procedure.

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