Stratocaster dating japan

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Fender had previously experimented with "holiday bundles," but the Squier package concept proved wildly successful, putting a new generation of young musicians on a path to making music.S.-bound Squier models were given '70s features and touted as the first instruments ever "officially authorized" to borrow from Fender's classic designs.The series included Stratocaster, Telecaster and Precision bass models, and three Bullet® models—affordable entry-level instruments combining Stratocaster-style body shapes with Telecaster necks in triple-single-coil or dual-humbucking pickup versions, plus a split-pickup bass with a Telecaster-style headstock. The Squier Standard Series, introduced in the mid-1980s, was based on the original vintage models, but with more up-to-date features (likely mirroring design evolution and standardization at big brother Fender).In late 1983, as it had in Europe and Japan, Fender decided to import Squier instruments into the United States in order to compete with the many copies flooding the domestic market.To make them stand out without competing directly with Fender's existing domestic models, these U.

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