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Jessie was proud to flaunt her figure as she took to the mammoth stage alongside Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz, where the trio performed a medley of hits and finished off with Bee Gees' hit You Should Be Dancing.You should get down on your knees every day and thank whichever god you believe in for bringing the i Phone into your hands.They're at a rock show and you’re the main event, so give them backstage access.You is a global singles community and matchmaking service.A dick pic isn't a dick pic without a smidgen of testicles, am I right guys?If a harsh fluorescent environment is unavoidable, turn your flash on to drown out the awful lighting.So, the question is, how do you take a picture when you can't see what you're doing? You can prop your i Phone up against a book or even buy a miniature tripod to take your nudity to the next level.Of course, you can also take a picture in front of a mirror, but that's making it too easy. You don't want to waste your time fawning over a picture of your own naked body while there are millions of starving naked people in the world.

Send them the whole naked body catalog -- give them a full-body shot, send a close-up of the good stuff, give them a little PG-13, give them some XXX, cover all your bases.

On the other hand, not everybody wants the kind of nudity you'd see in a PG-13 movie.

Try getting creative: go for the behind-the-shoulder-in-the-mirror butt shot or the laying-facedown-on-the-bed-to-accentuate-the-ass shot. It’ll look weird if it looks like a professional photographer stepped into your apartment, asked you to take off your clothes, and directed you into a series of poses.

Your body is going to look its best when presented upright -- that is: standing.

Taking a sexy selfie while sitting will give any normal person unwanted flab or rolls and take away from the inherent beauty of the genitals on display.

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