Tfs 2016 reports not updating

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An example of this is a company providing on-site support to computers bought by customers, and the agreed service level is that the company will send a technician to the customer within 72 hours that the customer first makes a call.In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are two types of SLAs: Administration, as shown below: Also, make sure that the field First Response Sent and Support Plan are both exposed on the Case Entity Form.In this example, the field is exposed on the Case entity’s default Business Process Flow: Steps outlined below: The above measures the time when the first response was sent and is only applicable to Gold Support Plan members.The SLA success criteria is when the First Response field has been set to ‘Yes’ on the Case Entity Form within 1 day the Case record has been created.So the first step before using the Feedback feature is to enable it as preferred entity.*You can deactivate the feedback record, for me this means that the feedback is now addressed.One time working on a pre-sales demo, I was asked to set up Service Level Agreement in Dynamics CRM for the Case Entity.

The brilliance behind this transition was that it gave us the ability to attach our tests and bugs to the iteration’s Features/Stories and Tasks.

Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 comes with numerous innovative features that can benefit customers in business intelligence, analytics, and productivity.

Browsing all these features, I noticed an interesting feature that can help organizations track responses on their products. Upon creating a new instance for Dynamics CRM 2016, Feedback Entity is disabled by default.

It identifies some of the significant features we are currently working on and a rough timeframe for when you can expect to see them.

It is not comprehensive but is intended to provide some visibility into key investments.

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