Toward urban frameworks accommodating change in urban cultural landscapes

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Park Raising: Beginning with a public charrette and culminating in a "park-raising" day, parks like 103rd Street Community Garden can successfully be built by neighborhood residents from the group up, regenerating underutilized spaces while creating and strengthening social infrastructure.

The Geography and Urban Studies gateway courses are designed to develop the theoretical and methodological frameworks and tools necessary to understand the relationships among people, places, and the environment as they interact through local and global connections.Scale demonstrates the integration and scalability of the ideas and shows the potential for landscape practice to radically span scales from micro-pilots and ecological experiments to macro scales of planning and analysis.The book posits an urban nature not as a static, green pastoral background but an active socio-ecological canvas that involves people and politics, mud and mug wort.Combining design, research, art, and environmental knowledge in order to advance landscape architecture as a form of activism, Toward an Urban Ecology is a guidebook for next century practice to tackle the wicked problems of climate change and social fragmentation.This “manufestograph” for the next wave of urban designers cultivates an ethos of civic participation by engaging with infrastructural systems, community groups, and government to empower all parties to help change the world through engagement with infrastructure and landscape.

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