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That is exactly what has happened to Wendy Salisbury and she couldn't be happier.The Toyboy Diaries: The Musical is a new play based on Wendy's middle-aged liaisons with a string of much younger men.He would always answer that he’d rather be with me than have kids.But that day – that freezing, damp day in June 2012 when the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant was almost rained off – my devoted husband told me that he had changed his mind about wanting children.However, after six months I began to tire of the merry-go-round.

So to anyone who enters a May/September relationship: I wish you luck. You never know when their “biological clock” might start ticking, to devastating effect. Join the conversation with Telegraph Wonder Women on Twitter.And, after I had spluttered a few words about looking into IVF or surrogacy (I was 55, post-menopause), he stopped me and said, “No, you don’t understand. After an excruciating month, he moved out of the marital home.I want to have children with a woman of my own age.” It was a strike that incinerated my heart and nuked the illusion of a happy marriage. But I didn’t dash to the Botox clinic, or have a makeover.Instead, I responded by setting out on a totally new path that has led me to finding my voice as a public speaker and storyteller.After two years of separation, a quickie divorce is an option but neither of us has rushed to dissolve the marriage. We were very happy for most of our time together and I have no regrets.

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