Turn ons when dating

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Ultimately, what we look for in a partner can be very personal, and we all have different “pros” and “cons” we take note of on the first date.

Here are some of ’s dating “turn-ons” and “turn-offs.” And if all else fails, try asking your Uber driver for advice.

The news isn’t all grim, as the survey also revealed a lot of surprising turn-ons in potential mates.

But let’s concentrate on the things that turn men off in the early stages of meeting and dating.

Yes, it’s the 21st century, but men still want a lady.

According to the Match survey, people who talk to their Uber drivers about their love lives are three times more likely to get lucky.

Ever wondered what makes a guy give you a second glance or feel aroused when you walk past him? And especially if you’re not making it overly obvious to a guy, the thrill of being seduced and teased would blow a man’s mind and his shorts!

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