Updating album artwork on iphone

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This tutorial will guide you through the different ways to add album art to the songs in your i Tunes Music Library.If you download your music straight from the i Tunes Store, the album artwork is included with the purchase.Now select the songs which need album art and click the magnifying glass button.The program will query Amazon and display a list of album artwork for you to choose from.If you use i Tunes to manage multiple albums and transfer them between your i Phone, i Pod or i Pad and your computer, some of the album art might be missing or incorrect.

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Once you’ve made your pick, select the songs in i Tunes which you want the art applied to, and click the import button.

To speed up the process, check off “Auto-import best guess” and click the import button.

This saves time and works sort of like i Tunes’ “Get Album Artwork” feature.

If the i Tunes Art Importer can’t find the correct artwork, you can input a search term that will override the automatic search criteria.

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