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A high clock speed (measured in GHz) is equally important, as it determines how quickly computations are made, not only for image processing tasks, but also all of the other tasks Lightroom has to perform.The release date of the processor also affects performance.This is where an SSD really helps, and therefore it’s the first thing I’d put on my shopping list.This is an upgrade that can be beneficial on existing systems, as well as new builds.Although Adobe lists 4GB of RAM minimum, you don’t really want any less than 8GB.16GB is a much better choice for most users, especially if you’re buying a quad-core processor.Adobe publishes system requirements for Lightroom, but we should be clear… There are two primary factors to weigh up when selecting a new CPU: the number of cores on the single CPU (two physical CPU’s don’t help much) and it’s clock speed.

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We used Henry Schein Tech Central for the whole installation. You will not be disappointed.”“Over the past year, we have done a few big hardware upgrades that Tech Central has coordinated. It is reassuring to know that Tech Central knows our system so well that they can make recommendations, identify problems and offer support and assistance when needed.”“I use Henry Schein Tech Central to do the hardware because they make it so easy. We have five locations and we standardized all our systems and got all new infrastructure.

The clock speed isn’t a perfect comparison, because the manufacturers have been working hard on efficiency, so a recent 3.0GHz processor is much faster than a 3.0GHz processor released 10 years ago.

So if you can’t trust the clock speed for comparison, how do you figure out which CPU is faster?

Bear in mind that the catalog and its previews – especially if you’re building 1:1 and/or smart previews – can grow quite large.

For example, my 50k catalog is currently 1.6GB, the previews are 70GB and the smart previews take up another 50GB. The access speed primarily affects the loading speed in the Develop module, although with the Develop pre-caching introduced in Lightroom CC 2015.6 / 6.6, it’s less of an issue than earlier versions.

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