Updating emule server

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If you have worked with e Mule before you should choose wether you are more comfortable with the installer or the binaries. Follow the instructions below to install or update your e Mule depending on your use of installer or binaries.

When updating e Mule please backup you entire e Mule folder or atleast the config folder.

All the servers (14) in my list are supposedly "good", so I'm not too bothered which one emule chooses to connect to if I get disconnected from one.

But if you do have servers you prefer over others, set them to "high".

Where could I find the file location in OSX (I searched but no file found) or where is it located in emule settings. emule/config folder Cheers Enlaces Importantes Guas rpidas Cuestionario de consulta Reglas del foro Reglas de cortesa Configuracin de varios cortafuegos Conseguir una Lista de servidores limpia y fiable La torpeza en la persona grandes males proporciona Siervo de la gleba de la extinta Republica de Kjersti Hi, whats the best site to update servers in e Mule? Im using 0.48a and this is where I get my servers from: But they all seem to be pretty slow so I was wondering if there is somewhere better to get servers from?

Also, instead of going into the options menu, cant I just update servers manually by going to the server tab and typing in the site under "Update from URL" and clicking Update?

Usually we'd say the more sources you have, the better I only have 1 server set to high priority.a Mule log reported server list update error started few days ago.2011-02-28 : Loading file: /Users/mumug/Library/Application Support/a Mule/download2011-02-28 : Failed to load file '/Users/mumug/Library/Application Support/a Mule/download', unknown format encountered.2011-02-28 : Finished to download the server list from Please tell me how to fix it.ed2k://|server|37.2|4232|/ ed2k://|server||4661|/ ed2k://|server|.149|4661|/ ed2k://|server||5041|/ ed2k://|server|91.2|1176|/ ed2k://|server|91.2|3883|/ ed2k://|server|91.2|9939|/ ed2k://|server|1.207|443|/ ed2k://|server|1.140|4242|/ ed2k://|server|1.184|8080|/ ed2k://|server|176.1|4184|/ ed2k://|server||7111|/ ed2k://|server||4232|/ ed2k://|server|210.2|4661|/ ed2k://|server|2.152|7111|/ Close emule and restart it: if servers will disappear again, check Why Doesn't Emule Save The Server List At Shutdown? If you are new to e Mule you should use the official client and not any of the mods.You should also use the installer and not the binaries when you update.

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