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Later i have the full data for say the third record i.e Name: Gaara Id:1 age:22 address:sand rank:100 Now how do i go and update the original data in the file as name|id|age|address|rank naruto|2|24 vegeta|3|25 gaara|1|22|sand|100 Please help...

This would be a one time operation or load that i would be performing once in a few months.

See the Applet Deployment documentation on setting the JRE version for applets.

See the JNLP File Syntax documentation for how to set the JRE version for a webstart application.

After Jul 2015 further security updates to JRE 7 will only be available through My Oracle Support and will require a support contract with Oracle. For Windows users, by default, Java applications that are accessed through a web-browser or webstart will use the latest version of Java on the system.

It is possible for an application to specifiy the Java version required.

Versions other than the latest will not be removed as there are cases in which a user, particularly enterprise users, would need more than one version of Java on their systems.

If you would like to remove older JRE versions from your system please use our Java Uninstall Tool to identify and remove older versions.

I was thinking to do this on the database side but was apprehensive as i have more than 5 million records to work with. That's tiny for a Map, which is the new record for update Sorry, I did not get you. When it comes to updating rows, as you saw, database is definitely much better place to deal with You can do it just row by row raeding rthe rows - calculation the remaning rcolumns and filling them in Actually database and JDBC talke care of the memory issues for you, so it is not that bad as you may think.Nevertheless on Windows systems, if you would like to continue to have both versions, JRE 7 and JRE 8 can be installed on the same computer.OS X users can also have multiple JRE versions available for desktop applications but only one of those versions can be used through the web browser.Oracle started auto-updating Windows 32-bit and OS X, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) users from JRE 7 to JRE 8 in January 20, 2015.The Java auto-update mechanism is designed to keep Java users up-to-date with the latest security fixes.

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