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60% of the DB entries does not have the proper album art or incomplete tags and l have tried updating the tags and adding album art in the physical folders on my harddisk and via Radiodj relocating the tracks but then notice that the tracks are not being updated.Tried deleting some albums and reuploading them again with the updated album but still miss the tags and album art.For this example I'll use "marley_and_thewailers-one_love_the_very_best_of.jpg"3. Open Heidi SQL or any other tool to run SQL queries on Radio DJ database.4.The query for this example would be: UPDATE `songs` SET `album_art`='marley_and_thewailers-one_love_the_very_best_of.jpg' WHERE `album` = ' One Love, The Very Best Of' AND `artist`=' Bob Marley & The Wailers' AND (`album_art`='' OR `album_art` IS NULL)Last line takes care of not updating album art for tracks that already have album art.This is because your radio automation software does not keep up with those type of changes (it shouldn't have to) and it will try to pull those audio files based on the physical location currently stored in the database.Outside programs like Media Monkey will not only rename the audio filename but it will generate new folders as a part of the organizing of your music collection.Unlike sound file paths, album art filed in songs table stores only file name and full path is determined by appending that file name to "Artwork Storage Path" option in "Other Settings" tab of Settings window.By default, when importing a track, Radio DJ names artwork files as "artist-album.jpg" by removing all spaces and converting resulting text string to lowercase.

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Does anyone have any suggestions how l can achieve this outside Radiodj and still have Radiodj update the changes in realtime? I, personally had to go through my entire database and update everything myself, so I know what you are going through...But still have a lot of vinyl rips already in the DB that l need to edit and doing one by one within the Radiodj would cost me forever thus why am looking for ways to do it ouside the radio program. I'll try to explain how Radio DJ manages the album art and audio file paths in hope to make it a bit more clear; First, Brodephat is correct in that Radio DJ database contains only file paths.Via Media Monkey l can edit the whole album in one go. For instance, a table is "D:\Radio\Music\AC-DC\ACDC - Big Gun.mp3" and that's where Radio DJ will try to look for the file.Get the artwork by searching online or extracting using Mp3tag.2.Save the image to the directory path set in "Artwork Storage Path" and note the file name.

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