Validating two usercontrols

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You should not set Width and Height on the User Control if you want that event to be raised as the parent tool window changes size.

[Modified 6 years ago] Hi, Suppose i have two usercontrols which are register as the two toolwindows toolwindow1 and toolwindow2 with their respective docksites docksite1 and the docksite2.

Size change Behaviourpublic class Size Changed Behaviour As the size changes or as i dock the toolwindow ,the command that is User Control Size Changed should call that corresponding On Size Changed function.

Means If i dock the toolwindow to the docksite more than one time then function On Size Changed calls only first time not every time when user dock the toolwindow.

I am using a single button control to postback the data on the form so that I can e-mail it to specified recipients.these toolwindows are linked with the i also created the sizechanged behaviour using the WPF COMMAND ROUTING EVENT THROUGH BEHAVIOUR for these i run the application they (usercontrols as the toolwindows)are displayed as vertically .So when i drag the tool window i am setting the height width for that dragged toolwindow using Dock Site. Parent Container, new Size(230, 165), Docking Window State.As shown below View and View2 are the usercontrols and consist of only single button and the On Sizchanged function.Code Behind file for the above consist of t HE On Size Changed function whwnever the size of the usercontrol changes.

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