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“*Gary, he tells me, I’m not marrying any of these women, and they know it, they simply want a mature guy like me to make them feel good and flip the bill. ” That’s when my outlook on this once outlandish concept started to change.

These days you’ve got better things to do than going out till the wee hours of the morning at a venue where the music’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think.

Years into the 21st century where the feminism revolution and the #metoo movement is headline news you wouldn’t think that rich and powerful middle-aged men spoiling young and beautiful women would be very popular let alone socially acceptable.

Well, think again because in the same world there’s also a movement of women reemerging who want to be taken care of and love having a strong, confident, and old school man at their side and quite frankly, are OK with the relationship not ending in marriage.

The amount of articles out there on the subject took a lot of sorting through, but in a nutshell there are the people who don’t see it as a moral issue and there are those that do.

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That’s when he told me all about his escapades as a sugar daddy.We have a great time together whenever we go out and I love having her stay over with me.Yes, I have agreed to pay for her studio and help support her art classes and supplies, but it’s nothing in exchange for her uplifting and quirky energy that brings so much joy to my life.You are not going to waste your time or money on someone that is looking for something you’re not.Let’s face it, we all have picked up the tab at dinners and drinks to only find out you are both not on the same page.

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    Therefore, the only way to overcome relationship issues, is through high compatibility and low core differences.