Which rockstar is liz jones dating updating money 2016

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Liz Jones, the Daily Mail columnist, has sparked outrage, amusement and bemusement after claiming she once stole her boyfriend’s sperm so she could get pregnant.

I heard her on Womans Hour one day and a couple of weeks later wrote an "article" (I wouldn't wipe my backside with them) doing a complete about face on the same subject.

How that got through I do not know." And Naiomi Madden-Smith tweeted: "Well I have never heard so much rubbish in all my life.

Just when I think Liz Jones has stopped spouting claptrap. :rolleyes: Every time I see her wedding pics I think how lovely Clare looked. Liz is a bitter jealous woman, every week she bleats on about how she has no friends, well until she learns that you don't talk publicly about your friends and relatives all the time she won't get many!

It appears she has now moved to Yorkshire which is great for the South West, in the 20 odd years we have lived here we have received a warm welcome from most, and would never leave.

If ever you read LJ's, she has a go at anyone who seems to be doing well in the public eye, the sad thing is on her personal front she looks better than ever before in her life thanks to all the surgery, now if someone could just arrange a personality transplant she'd have a happy life.....

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