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It was generally ignored by critics and movie goers alike.

Its story is about a "turn-of-the-20th-century" village whose residents live in fear of the creatures inhabiting the woods beyond it.

It underperformed at the box office, falling short of its million budget, and got largely negative reviews from critics.She in 2009 acted in two movies namely The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond and in Twilight franchise The Twilight Saga: Eclipse which made her household name. Till date she has acted in many movies and TV movies like Orchids, Good Dick, The Help, 50/50, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Call Me Crazy: A Five Film, Jurassic World, Pete’s Dragon and others.She has earned the estimated net worth of 15 million dollars from her professional career.Among these were House and Garden, a 2002 Alan Ayckbourn production held at the Manhattan Theatre Club, in which she portrayed a disdainful, flirtatious teen.She then starred in the Alan Brown-directed 2004 drama Book of Love, about a young woman having an affair with a lonely teenage boy, destroying her marriage.

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