Who is derek luke dating

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In the process, he first worked at Universal Pictures as usher for television tapings.

After that, he even tried selling stuffs like gifts and candies on the Sony Pictures Studio lot. If you don’t know, making the story shirt, he came to know about then unknown screenwriter Antwone Fisher while at Sony and developed a layman friendship with him.

Anyway, we can’t verify any of other children, divorce, or gay rumors about the actor except mentioned above.

Other wiki on his professional life can be accessed via Wikipedia and IMDB’s biography on him.

Not surprisingly, the second interview with the crew of the movie in 2001 was enough for the actor to be selected for the part of Antwone.

Director Denzel was impressed with the young actor and decided to believe in the young actor.

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Luke was excited by this whole Antwone situation inside the studio not only because Sony was making a movie out of his story, but also because it was a chance for him to prove himself.

He tried to gain as much as information about Antwone, and thus, he got deeply motivated to be part of the movie.

But, unfortunately, the production of the picture paused in the middle even before the completion of entire casting. After that, he decides to continue his acting journey thinking he will take whatever arrives at his doorsteps.

He took acting lessons at night, and managed his small jobs while taking auditions in daytime.

Luckily, he got chance to be small part of acting projects like The King of Queens (1999) and Mosha(2001).

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