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But I had no idea about the amount of work I was getting into.

In the early days I guided everyday but then I’d go home and have to return 20 calls and 80 emails.

We were looking in Canada and Nevada but we weren’t looking in Colorado as it has a lot of ski areas and we were like, “If something was worth developing they would have done it.” But we found Silverton and bought our first piece of property there when I was 27.Lots of people there ride one lift and then hike the whole rest of the day, and we knew there were advanced and expert skiers here who want to hike but they don’t want to hike five hours to get to their run.We realised if you had a lift with a little bit of hiking that would do it and you’d look after avalanche side so people would have to worry less about that.Jen Brill is a New York-based Creative Director whose studio has concepted and executed innovative partnerships with some of art and fashion’s most prominent names.Having started her career cultivating the careers of many artists & photographers, Brill brings her unique lens to each of her projects, incorporating a deep understanding of cultural trends.

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