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Now, I don’t always agree with all of the conclusions that Rudder draws from his Ok Cupid data.Once upon a time, he was trying to illustrate why free dating sites were “better” than paid dating sites, but it was clear that he was advocating for Ok Cupid.In his book, “Dataclysm,” he points out that who we want to be and who we really are can be two very different things.Data reveals truths that we might not want to say out loud.That’s why the Protective Services program is more than just a protection service.It’s an all encompassing program designed to anticipate, prevent, and react to any possible threat to the safety of company assets, executives, and their families.Our Personal Protection Officers have protected Executives, Managers, Music Artists, Celebrities, Supreme Court Justices, Former Presidents, Professional Athletes, Movie Stars, Television Personalities, Political figures, etc…Some of this work is performed as a direct result of specific threats, some of non-specific threats, and some of it due to proper due diligence based upon the individual to be protected.

Just as our clients make up a cross section of society so do our people.Many of our agents have worked in specialized units of the Military and many of our agents have served abroad.One of our guiding principles is to assign the correct agent or agents to the correct client.Our clients include supply chain and logistics companies, retailers, manufacturers, intellectual property companies, financial institutions, precious metals and jewelry companies, universities, law firms, entertainment companies and individuals. “D&L Professionals”Current and Former Law Enforcement Officers Former Federal Agents Former Military Security and Crowd Management Experts Expert Witnesses Licensed Personal Protection Officers (Bodyguards)Licensed Private Investigators Certified Firearms Instructors Certified Surveillance Investigators Certified Civil Process Servers Certified CPR Instructors Certified Texas Private Security Bureau Instructors Certified Behavior Management Instructors Published Author on the following Subject Matters: Workplace Violence, Workplace Safety, and Houses of Worship Security Our team has worked multi-million dollar cases, fugitive recovery cases, delicate domestic cases, and cases that have been covered by Investigation Discovery Channel, ABC 20/20, and multiple local and national publications.Some of our clients are Fortune 100 companies, some are privately held companies, some are professional athletes, and some are “A” list celebrities. A member of our management team has written a book and several articles on professional security, safety, and loss prevention.

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