Who is willie from day 26 dating mature adult dating matchmaking

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This time around, he’s admitting to this new set of photos that have made their way to the web and has apologized to his fans via his Twitter, saying that the pictures were only intended to be seen by his wife. The pics that r roaming the net r pics that were sent to my wife in the form of a email!!

For ten years he was part of the Chicago group Kwiet Storm.

Mona decided to fly the young lady to LA to interview where, and then decided to put her on the show.

While it wasn’t completely shady, Mona told Willie and Shanda that a woman from Willie‘s past had agreed to appear on the show.

Keep reading to find out what happened on the first episode.

The new season kicks off with Moniece opening up about her failed romance with Rich Dollaz and teasing that she’s now living with another guy: her ex and baby daddy Fizz.

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