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To save battery power the system shuts down after five minutes or when the glasses hang from their strap.We enjoyed using them while birding and they really came into their own when observing the moon and stars on cold, clear nights in the Lake District.Eight times magnification and 42mm objective lenses – the big lens at the bottom – are an ideal combination for most uses (you’ll see them listed as 8x42s).

The image is slightly crisper and brighter, the rubberised finish feels nicer in the hands and the focusing wheel is just a tad smoother to operate.Viking, based in birdwatching heaven in Suffolk, is so confident of their durability that it backs them up with a 10-year warranty.Weighing in at exactly 300g, these tiny binos are perfect for hikers or anyone who wants to carry a pair in their car glovebox.Celestron has been making telescopes since 1960 and its devices have even been sent into orbit on the International Space Station, so it should know a thing or two about optics.This compact pair is smaller than many of the 8x42 models in our list and weighs in at just 645g, yet the engineers have packed in a whopping 10x magnification.

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